Remove and Replace




The Word of God does so much for us! It comforts, convicts and provides strength and hope just to name a few. One the most precious things it does is it instructs how to live! And God does so w simple instructions of what TO do But He doesn’t leave us hanging there. He goes even farther and w the same simple instructions tells us what NOT to do!!

Two great examples you’ve already shared w us. Go back and look them up.

1 You shared a powerful verse that instructs us what TO do in Proverbs 27:17.

2. You shared what NOT to do in I Corinthians 15:33 and II Corinthians 614. Both verses are easy to understand and to apply.

Then God goes EVEN farther to help us. Not only w simple and powerful INSTRUCTIONS. But also w simple and powerful EXAMPLES.

Those passages I referenced above that you sent out made me think.

Tonight go back and read Numbers 13 and 14. It really illustrates those verses well.

You have two groups of people.

1.The FEW that believe God

2. The MANY who did not.

*Same as the world today.

A. They few that believed. (Aka “The people who ENCOURAGE me to believe and live for God””

– I imagine myself being one of the children of Israel in chapter 13 & 14 and listening to the two totally different reports the spies brought back. After both sides gave there opinion Id then have the opportunity to make a choice of who I’m going to follow and surround myself with. Being mindful of all that God had already done and hearing the great faith of Joshua and Caleb without hesitation I’d say “Thats my people!!! want to be around Joshua and Caleb!!! These two have full confidence that God will give us the victory and so do I!!”

Application – Iron sharpens iron! Choose to get and stay with those who ENCOURAGE you to believe and live for God!!

Now we come to the other group.

B. The great many who did NOT believe (Aka the people who DISCOURAGE me to believe and live for God)

Unfortunately the rest of the people in Num 14 listened to their report how the giants were too big (basically for God) and would undoubtedly defeat them. I can hear them saying among their selves “well 10 of them said we CANT do it and only 2 said we can. Surly the majority knows better. I mean it’s not even close. It’s 10-2.” Now because of listening to the unbelieving spies the minds of the entire congregation became “contaminated and corrupted.”

Because of the evil report not only did they lose any faith they had in the true God but they lost all hope which led to a ridiculous conclusion. According to the SFV “Steve Fincher Version” 🙂 After hearing the evil report all the congregation said:

“Man. Just look where we’re at!! This is what believing in God got us huh?!? We can’t fight no giants!!! Moses and them fools bamboozled all of us!! Them “believing in God” brought us out of Egypt and to this place for one reason. To die! Well the ONLY people that’s gonna be dying up in here today is Moses and his boys for bringing us here!!!! First thing we need to do is choose a new leader that , unlike Moses knows what their doing. Then we all take Moses and his boys and stone the fool out of all of them leaving them dead!!!! Then finally we’ll do the best thing we can do. Give up on “following” God, pack up all our stuff and return back to being slaves in Egypt!!!!”

Application: We need to choose to not listen to or form close relationships w those that are unbelievers. We as believers no longer have anything in common with them. And because their way of life and beliefs can contaminate and corrupt mine I must make the choice to “come out from among them and be separate.”

One last thing.

To maintain a healthy daily walk with God we as believers need to REMOVE ourselves from worldly people and worldly practices. As equally as important we must REPLACE them with the godly people and godly practices!

If we just REMOVE and don’t REPLACE we will return to what we initially removed. That principle applies to many things such as the music we listen to, places we go and how we spend our time.

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