Gods Desire for Each of our Days. (Test post)

Intro Danger preaching familiar texts -We know them but we never have learned them. -I want to help you "learn" them this morning. When we learn them that brings about life change!I. Trusting (in The Lord) ("For I know whom I believed....") -Not double minded -Lord I believe help thou mine unbelief -Faith not sightII. … Continue reading Gods Desire for Each of our Days. (Test post)

“Don’t Throw in The Towel!”

 January 1913 American newspaper called The Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, described what happened at the end of a boxing match:"Murphy went after him, landing a right and a left to his undefended face. The crowd importuned referee Griffin to stop the fight and immediately a towel was thrown from Burns' corner as a token of defeat." … Continue reading “Don’t Throw in The Towel!”